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Consulting Services

Design, Supply, Fit and Consulting Services

Installations From $800 + and ongoing $25 Per Month Support

Details: Basic Monitoring Services Single Monitoring Point 

SmartCom Consulting can install an eGauge for both Single and 3 Phase applications that either connects directly to an inverter like an ABB or SMA or to any inverter using CT's, Call us for a complete solution on 0414 366 866

Complex Design, Supply, Fit and Consulting Services

Installations from $1000 + and ongoing $100 Per Month Support 

Details: Complex Monitoring Services Multiple Monitoring Points & Wireless Solutions

Designing & Implementing e-Gauge in a complex environment, can be achieved using remote monitoring via Wireless, and or via an Inverters PMU with Zero Export Systems. Upto 32 Inverters can be monitored from one site using our PMU and wireless solution. (Inverter Specific Solutions)

With the 16 & 64 Register version of the e-Gauge we can measure all the inverter outputs as well as line Harmonics, Power Factor and other network provider requirements during the approvals process.  

We use either RS485 Wireless Solution to multiple inverters or e-Gauges located on a site, Different Inverters and inverter sizes on one site can also be catered for.